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Global Organizations

  • The Arcane Order


  • Global Expeditions
  • The Dungeon Crawlers
  • The Enlightened
  • The Cara Elite


  • The Chroniclers Guild of Barios -- an organization mostly active in the region of Barios. Based upon the Island of Nereus west of Delinda it serves as a network for the gathering and dissemination of information across the region with chapter houses and offices in most major cities. They are known to pay handsomely for new information and occasionally commission expeditions to forgotten corners of the continent to further their own agenda of safeguarding what lore remains of the Confederacy after the Crisis.
  • Shades of Delinda


New Imlar

  • Thieves of Imlar -- There are three major factions of thieves within Tehn, all of which can be found in New Imlar proper with individual cities throughout the realm having smaller guildhalls or affiliated safe havens. The most notable guild is the Black Hand of Imlar, a guild formed from the original scouts and rogues of the Imlish invasion force. While technically a thieves guild, the Black Hand operates with "official" sanction from the Council of New Imlar and acts as the spymasters of the central government. If you're seeking to have something stolen, smuggled or otherwise moved either from its legitimate owner or through illegitimate means, the Tiger Trading company is the front you'll be looking for if you're interested in employing the services of the Hidden Paw guild of smugglers and cat burglars. On the other hand, if you're more concerned with a person than an object, you'll want to seek out the Dark Saber enclave. This company of assassins, mercenaries and general killers for hire makes no secret of their purpose, though they are incredibly expensive and have a strict policy of never crossing a client and never working both sides of a deal. As such, it is not uncommon for those who fear attack from the group to hire one or more members for a protective business to prevent their foes and rivals from hiring the organization to target them.





The Wizard Fraternities
The Spellguard
The Menders of False Reality